TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music By Fia Moon, Sinead O’Brien, Silverbacks, Uly, Sorcha Richardson, Aislinn Logan, Kehli, JyellowL, Dea Matrona, Moncrieff, Banyah, Ma-Ka, the Zang, Emma Horan & Mick Flannery

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Fia Moon, Sinead O’Brien, Silverbacks, Uly, Sorcha Richardson, Aislinn Logan, Kehli, JyellowL, Dea Matrona, Moncrieff, Banyah, Ma-Ka, the Zang, Emma Horan & Mick Flannery.

Sinead O’Brien – Strangers In Danger
From its atmospheric sonic setting punctuated by spiky sparks of dynamism to the building tension and entangling nature of the lyrics, Sinead O’Brien’s latest offering ‘Strangers In Danger’ finds the poet twisting and contorting her music with a performance and production that once again highlights her as one of the most exciting and individualistic new artists out there.

Silverbacks – Just In The Band
A visceral and unrelenting side to Silverbacks brutalist debut album Fad (read TLMT’s review – here), ‘Just In The Band’ is a bang and a clatter of crashing angular guitars.

Fia Moon – XX
A deep, far-reaching offering from Fia Moon, ‘XX’ takes shape via an expressive beats that pushes and pulls behind Moon’s soulful vocal that weaves around the production with an engrossing presence.

Uly – I Don’t Need To Understand
A lush lo-fi offering, the dreamlike atmosphere of Uly’s ‘I don’t Need To Understand’ is a welcoming one as both the musical and vocal repose of the track make for an enchanting listen.

Sorcha Richardson – Ruin Your Night (isolation home recordings)
Released as part of Sorcha Richardson’s Isolation Home Recordings E.P. this stripped back rendition of ‘Ruin Your Night’ highlights the subtleties of Richardson’s songwriting with a delicate performance that tells a story.

Aislinn Logan – Look, I’m Flyin’
A stark yet glistening sound surrounds Aislinn Logan’s ‘Look, I’m Flyin’ (taken from Logan’s new E.P. of the same name) has a depth of field and emotional core that runs right through.

Kehli feat. Louis III – Ur So Cool
A vivid new offering from Kehli, ‘Ur So Cool’ is far-reaching pop track that plays with an intricate beat and weaves between Kehli and Louis III’s deftly blended vocal interplay.

JyellowL – Doesn’t Feel Like
Communicating the structural and everyday racism he has experienced, JyellowL’s ‘Doesn’t Feel Like’ deliveries its message with a subtle sound and lyric that fills every inch of the track with the words the artist needs to say.

Dea Matrona – Make You My Star
Straight up rock ‘n’ roll, Dea Matrona’s ‘Make You My Star’ is a joyously bone-rattling new track from a rising band with a very clear handle on the sound they want to make.

Moncrieff – Playloud
A spiky backdrop plays out behind Moncrieff’s buzzsaw delivery on ‘Playloud’ as the artist continues to evolve both his sound and songwriting with a single that has a pointed theme and production.

Banyah – Watch You Go
Electro duo Banyah create an atmospherically twisting sound on the intricate ‘Watch You Go’, a texturally deep song awash with reverberant sounds.

The Zang – Football Sundays
An off-kilter indie track set to an ominous sound, the bristling fuzz of ‘Football Sundays’ contrasts the building tension of the beat with a vocal that takes a more serene path.

Ma-Ka – Better
An instantly captivating offering Ma-Ka, ‘Better’ twists and turns sonically as Ma-Ka wraps her intricate vocal around the beat and merges her voice with the rhythm and the music.

Emma Horan – Over You
Set to a vibrant beat that shimmerings behind Emma Horan’s softly delivered vocal, the ambitious pop sound of ‘Over You’ is a refreshing one and has vibrance to it.

Mick Flannery – Star to Star (live at Cork Opera House)
Taken from Mick Flannery’s Live at Cork Opera House, this emotionally and dynamically intertwining performance of ‘Star to Star’ is a powerful glimpse into Flannery’s captivating live sound with the rest of the album adding to the atmospheric core highlighted here.

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