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TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Ailbhe Reddy, Thumper, Jessy Rose, Silverbacks, Blood Donor, Nevvv, modernlove, Carron & Conor Adams

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Ailbhe Reddy, Thumper, Jessy Rose, Silverbacks, Blood Donor, Nevvv, modernlove, Carron & Conor Adams.

Ailbhe Reddy – Time Difference
The first single to be taken from Ailbhe Reddy’s upcoming debut album, ‘Time Difference’ finds Reddy delving deep into a vivid indie-pop that wraps a vibrant spectrum of sounds around the artists emotively raw songwriting, as it plays with the contrasting isolation of a long-distance relationship with the bustling nightlife of Glasgow that inspired it.

Thumper – Topher Grace
Put through a prism of sharp-edged guitars, a precise pounding beat and a growling manic vocal, Thumper return with their best work to date WITH the snarled long-form post-punk malaise of ‘Topher Grace’.

Jessy Rose – Bloom
‘Bloom’ marks the return of Jessy Rose with a solo single that finds weight in the emotional pathos, powerful vocal performance and subtle production that culminate in a striking piano ballad that has real depth to it.

Silverbacks – Up The Nurses
Silverbacks return with the short sharp shock and shuddered indie of ‘Up The Nurses’, a song that that’s a buzz with sudden dynamic jolts, jangled driving rhythm and serene vocals.

Blood Donor – Under The Sun
A deep dive into highly-stylised synth-pop, the vivid upfront sound of Blood Donor’s ‘Under The Sun’ makes for an instantly engrossing listen via the statement making hooks, crooning vocal and swing for the fences production.

Nevvv – Passionate/Stupid
A lush dive into a deeply set high-stylised sound, the self-styled WonkyPop of Nevvv’s ‘Passionate/Stupid’ is a sonically striking debut that contorts and warps the confines of alt-pop with aplomb to deliver something more nuanced and layered.

modernlove – If You Wanna See Me
Modernlove return with the deeply atmospheric ‘If You Wanna See Me’. Awash with far-reaching texture and undulating pops and clicks of sound, the group’s latest offering is a hazy journey into an expansive music.

Carron – She’s Fire
Transforming the folk roots of the original ‘She’s Fire’, this new remix of the track by Richey McCourt, expands the duo’s sound into electro-pop meets alt-pop territory with aplomb. Resulting in a impactful listen.

Conor Adams – Head Of A Lion
Taken from his new E.P. I Admired Your Grace at the End of the World (2 for Joy), ‘Head Of A Lion’ is a compelling alt-pop ballad set against a deeply set backdrop that adds a sense of scale to the introspection.

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