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Premiere | Listen to the contorted WonkyPop of Nevvv ‘Passionate/Stupid’

TMLT premiere's the brand new single from Nevvv.

Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive premiere of ‘Passionate/Stupid’ the debut track from Nevvv.

A lush dive into a deeply set high-stylised sound, the self-styled WonkyPop of Nevvv’s ‘Passionate/Stupid’ is a sonically striking debut that contorts and warps the confines of alt-pop with aplomb to deliver something more nuanced and layered.

With ‘Passionate/Stupid’ Nevvv has made a vivid introduction that sets her work apart from outset. Described by the artist as “doom heavy, wrapped in PVC and bubble wrap” and containing a sound that’s both enrapturing and foreboding, this single is a very promising sign of what’s to come from a individualistic new prospect on the Irish scene.

‘Passionate/Stupid’ by Nevvv is out June 26th. Listen to TLMT’s exclusive premiere now by clicking below. Photo credit: Julieta Canelo.

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