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Ailbhe Reddy returns with the emotionally driven and vivid indie-pop of ‘Time Difference’

Ailbhe Reddy returns with 'Time Difference'

Ailbhe Reddy has made her return with the music video for the brand new single ‘Time Difference’.

The first single to be taken from Ailbhe Reddy’s upcoming debut album, ‘Time Difference’ finds Reddy delving deep into a vivid indie-pop that wraps a vibrant spectrum of sounds around the artists emotively raw songwriting, as it plays with the contrasting isolation of a long-distance relationship with the bustling nightlife of Glasgow that inspired it.

A sonic sea-change from Ailbhe Reddy, the fuller-picture found in ‘Time Difference’ feels like the sound Reddy has been working towards throughout her early works as the songwriter revels in a music that is both characteristically personal and stylistically striking.

Time Difference‘ by Ailbhe Reddy is out now. Photo credit: Ciaran O’Brien (who also co-directed the video below).

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