Murli releases ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ via Bandcamp with 100% of sales going to MASI

Murli has just the incredibly vivid sound of ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ via bandcamp today with 100% of sales going to MASI.

Opening up sonically from the very first second of the track, ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ is all about motion. The beat, the rhythm, the musical interplay are all peformed at an unmistakable pace as the music creates a lush backdrop for Murli to weave his words with purpose and passion, “You can’t hide forever. Ain’t nobody safe here. Unless we all are.”

Released today on Bandcamp, Murli will be giving 100% of the proceeds from ‘Till The Wheels Fall Off’ to the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland who seek justice, freedom and dignity for all asylum seekers and call for the end of direct provision. For more information visit

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