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Review | “a sprawling dream-pop epic that packs a punch” Indian Queens – God Is A Woman


The Last Mixed Tape reviews God Is A Woman, the debut studio album from Indian Queens.

God Is A Woman is a record to submit yourself to. Melding a hazy soundscape within a large-scale depth of field, Indian Queens’ dreamlike debut has steely core to it that hums beneath the vivid production and adds a sharpness to the music that results in an album that ebbs and flows like a turbulent sonic tide.

There are no half measures on God Is A Woman, through long sprawling guitars, snapped beats and deftly weaved vocals Indian Queens portray a widescreen dream-pop that merges isolation with immediacy within an ambitious production that buzzes with intent. Opening with the persistent pulse of ‘Bubblewrap’, the juxtaposing textures that form the album’s backbone gradually come into focus as the vocal stands dominant amongst the tumultuous music becoming a part of the overall dream state but never becoming engulfed by it.

This strong contrast within the music works to give the hazier, floaty aspects of the songs the space and sense of place to move from. From the edged jangled slow-motion chimes of the title track to the rumbled rhythm of ‘I Get No Rest’ and the urgent hooks and melodies of ‘Wanderlust’, the foundational thread the runs right through Indian Queens’ music translates into the cohesive, highly-stylised structure of God Is A Woman making for a wholly satisfying listen as the band deliver on exactly what they promise.

‘Shoot For Sexy’ is the zenith God Is A Woman. A song that slinks and growls underneath a soaring interwoven vocal, Indian Queens bring all the mood-driven themes, atmospherics and etherealness of their music together within a track that has the striking obscured openness of dream-pop whilst still maintaining the myriad of hooks that last long after listening. Resulting in the album’s high-water mark as well as an indie-gem that stands apart.

A monolithic record, God Is A Woman marks a strikingly stylised and crafted debut for Indian Queens. Creating a sprawling dream-pop epic that packs a punch, the album begs to be replayed to get all the nuances that occur in the background as well as delving back into tracks like ‘Shoot For Sexy’ that just hit for the get-go. All of which culminates in a truly essential and rewarding listen.

Rating: 9/10

God Is A Woman by Indian Queens is due out on Friday, April 3rd via Cool Thing Records.

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