TLMT’s The Week Featuring New Music From Senu, Rosie Carney, Bantum, Blood Donor, Sister Ghost, Sinead O’Brien, Columbia Mills, Jack Rua & Lux Alma

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Senu, Rosie Carney, Bantum, Blood Donor, Sister Ghost, Sinead O’Brien, Columbia Mills, Jack Rua & Lux Alma.

Senu featuring Jamel Franklin – Jetlag 6
Set to a backdrop of contorting atmospherics and texturally lush beats, Senu’s latest offering finds the artist collaborating with Jamel Franklin on a song that just oozes high stylisation and flair.

Bantum – Gully
As sonically deep as it is wide, Bantum’s return offering ‘Gully’ is a multi-layered work that rides an emotive wave from start to finish via some sublime synth soundscapes.

Rosie Carney – when i look at you
Rosie Carney makes her returns with the breath-taking and delicate sound ‘when i look at you’. The type of song that draws you in with a whisper.

Blood Donor – Bienvenue
A vivid indie-pop sound fills the spectrum on Blood Donor’s debut single ‘Bienvenue’ as the music jangles, bounces and spins sonically.

Sinead O’Brien – Fall With Me
A inventive and captivating as ever. Punk-poet Sinead O’Brien’s ‘Fall With Me’ finds O’Brien delivering angular words that collide against jolting beats with an agit-pop fury and percision.

Sister Ghost – Bruised Fruit
‘Bruised Fruit’ is a short sharp shock from Sister Ghost that captures the raw, pin-point punk of the group’s music within a song that pushes outward with fustration.

Columbia Mills – You’re Not The Answer
Big ambitious alt-rock with icy landscapes and distant drum beat characterize Columbia Mills new single ‘You’re Not The Answer’.

Jack Rua – Curious
Pop that swings for the fences, the electro-pop milieu of Jack Rua’s ‘Curious’ makes for a refreshingly ambtious take on the genre that fills every moment with a hook.

Lux Alma – The Shadow
Serene stark minimalist electronic soundscape echoes outwards with ominous and brooding vocals that occupy the foreground of Lux Alma’s ‘The Shadow’.

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