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TLMT's The Week Featuring April, Christian Cohle, Perlee, Elkin, Elkae, Marlene Enright, JC Stewart & Ais


The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by April, Christian Cohle, Perlee, Elkin, Elkae, Marlene Enright, JC Stewart & Ais.

Christian Cohle – Breathe
Set to a tightly interwoven beat, Christian Cohle’s ‘Breathe’ uses space and dynamism to create an emotionally wrought track with a truly compelling sound.

April – The Impossible Task Of Feeling Complete
The debut offering from April, ‘The Impossible Task Of Feeling Complete’ has a depth of field, sonic serenity and emotional rawness to it that introduces April as an artist with music that is truly her own.

Perlee – Charlie’s Song
A gently set song, Perlee’s new single ‘Charlie’s Song’ drifts with a texturally wide-open indie-folk sound that moves with subtly punctuated by lush harmonies.

Elkae – Cause I Was Busy Working
Elkae’s ‘Cause I Was Busy Working’ has a ambitious alt-pop sound that runs from held-back passages to large-scale choruses that swing for the fences.

Elkin – Win Win
Elkin return with the rhythmically rich sound of ‘Win Win’, a track that finds the duo wrapping their vivid harmonies around a beat that ebbs and flows with a statement making dynamism that captures the imagination.

Marlene Enright – Rafter
Taken from Marlene Enright’s new E.P. Petrichor, ‘Rafter’ is musical journey is three minutes, moving from stark vocally led moments to slow-motion alt-folk passages and back again.

JC Stewart – Lying That You Love Me
Big ambitious alt-pop, JC Stewart’s ‘Lying That You Love Me’ makes use of its highly-stylised production to create emotionally cathartic music.

Ais – Hurts Sometimes
Ais’ debut single ‘Hurts Sometimes’ takes the R&B genre and wraps a biting alt-pop production around it that sonically augments and contorts with each passing moment.

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