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Q&A | “This album is about the struggle that we will all live, and about turning that struggle into joy” HMLTD talk to TLMT


London’s HMLTD will come to Dublin next month to play the Sound House as tour their debut album West of Eden (due out on February 7th). Lead vocalist Henry Chisholm recently took the time to talk to the Last Mixed Tape about what inspired the record, future plans and what he’s listening to at the moment.

What’s the last record you bought?

Poppy – I Disagree.

What’s the last song you played on Spotify?

Scott Walker – Jackie.

What is inspiring your music at the moment?

The Western spiritual crisis. Ecological catastrophe. The films of David Cronenberg.
God, beauty and compassion.

Tell us about the making of West of Eden?

West of Eden is the culmination of three years of struggle. It started in the Los Angeles recording studio where Michael Jackson wrote and recorded Thriller. It ended in our bedsit flat in Peckham, in a poky bedroom wardrobe that we fashioned into a makeshift vocal booth. It cost Sony Music the best part of half a million pounds, and cost us many more friends.

What does the album mean to you?

‘West of Eden’ is about the world and the struggles of existing, and about finding joy in those struggles. It takes place in the context of Western civilization on the brink of collapse. Ecological catastrophe, spiritual crisis, and economic disaster form the backdrop of the album. This is the world our generation will spend its lives in, and we need somehow to find love and meaning within it. This album is about the struggle that we will all live, and about turning that struggle into joy.

What new tracks from the record are you looking forward to playing live?

‘Mikey’s Song’ – the best pop song we’ve ever written; it hasn’t been released yet, but its on the record and we’re playing it live. Also ‘Why?’ – our only song written in Japanese.

What do HMLTD have planned for 2020?

We’re touring Europe, the US and Russia. We’re writing the AOTY 2021. We will be featured in one of the major motion pictures of the year, but we can’t say what it is without breaking our non-disclosure agreement.

HMLTD plays the Sound House on February 18th. Tickets are on sale now via

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