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Premiere | Callum Orr unveils the delicate sound of 'You Are A Place I Used To Live'


Check out the Last Mixed Tape’s exclusive premiere of ‘ You Are A Place I Used To Live’ by Callum Orr.

The lead single from Callum Orr’s forthcoming Cathy & Places E.P. (due out on January 24th), ‘You Are A Place I Used To Live’ is a delicately played track that weaves through intricate songwriting and deftly woven melodies that intertwine beneath Orr’s softly portrayed vocal.

Coupled with an intimately set music video, directed by Johnny Stewart (WOLFF), that plays with the moving sense of memories and past emotion layed out in ‘You Are A Place I Used To Live’, Callum Orr’s latest offering is a deeply personal one that invites us in with each passing moment.

Speaking on the recording of his upcoming record, Callum says ‘I have a love of room sounds in the production process, so for every session, we had a mic placed pointing outside the open window to capture the sound leaving the room and the sounds of the garden outside. Capturing the atmosphere of the room was important to me… I wanted this EP to feel like you’ve walked into the studio and are standing there beside me’

Callum Orr will play the Unitarian Church in Dublin on Saturday, February 1st. Tickets are on sale now from Eventbrite priced €15. 

‘You Are A Place I Used To Live’ by Callum Orr is out this Friday, January 17th.

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