TLMT's The Week Featuring New Music From Vernon Jane, CYNEMA, Alex Gough, Aimée, Somebody's Child & David Keenan

The Last Mixed Tape adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Vernon Jane, CYNEMA, Alex Gough, Aimée, Somebody’s Child & David Keenan.

Vernon Jane – Daddy Issues
Wasting little time, Vernon Jane’s pulsating new single ‘Daddy Issues’ is our first glimpse into the group’s upcoming debut The Ritual Of Love Making (due out on April 3rd) and serves as a raucous unrestrained work of cathartic expression.

CYNEMA – Radio Love
Set to a deeply layered synth-pop backdrop, CYNEMA’s ‘Radio Love’ has cinematic quality that merges with the pulsing beat, building electronic production and affected vocals.

Aimeé – Don’t Call Me Pretty
Ambitious pop from rising one-to-watch Aimée, ‘Don’t Call Me Pretty’ swings for the fences as it throws hook after hook at the listener with intricate precision.

Alex Gough – Fool
The quick snap delivery, scatter shot beat and central hook of Alex Gough’s ‘Fool’ makes for an instant ear-worm that, coupled with its under three minute running time, will lead to multiple repeat plays.

Somebody’s Child – Love That Sound
A smooth indie-pop sound runs right through Somebody’s Child latest release ‘Love That Sound’ melding jangled funk guitars with big sing-a-long choruses.

David Keenan – Good Old Days
Taken from David Keenan’s seminal debut A Beginner’s Guide To Bravery (read TLMT’s full album review – here), ‘Good Old Days’ moves to an ominous slow-burning build as Keenan’s lyrical weaving paints pictures.

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