TLMT’s The Week featuring new music from Maija Sofia, Fears, Midnight Wayne, Jack Rua, Conchur White, 10 Major, Shiv & Sky Atlas

TLMT adds to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Maija Sofia, Fears, Midnight Wayne, Jack Rua, Conchur White, 10 Major, Shiv & Sky Atlas.

Maija Sofia – The Wife Of Michael Cleary
It’s the harrowing ‘The Wife Of Michael Cleary’ that creates the high-water mark in Bath Time. Written about Bridget Cleary who was last ‘witch’ burned in Ireland, this song is haunting, as Sofia embodies the sorrow, the doom and the distress of Cleary’s story with a vocal performance that truly brought me to tears.

Fears – Bones
Set upon a sparse soundscape that pops and clicks with a jolting beat, Fears’ ‘Bones’ takes shape through the atmosphere soaked music and hypnotic vocal, making for an entrancing listen.

Conchúr White – Daises
A soft-spoken song that plays with a strong dynamic backbone. Conchúr White’s ‘Daisies’ is a song that ebbs and flows in intensity. A compelling introduction to Conchúr White.

Midnight Wayne – Stars
A sonically rich offering from Midnight Wayne’s Transcend E.P, ‘Stars’ is a melting pot of laid-back lo-fi pop with hints of indie and psychedelia that add new layers to the over-aching vivid sound.

Jack Rua – Rise
An instantly infectious new single from Jack Rua, ‘Rise’ is a fully-realised, ambitious track that weaves hooks and beats around a lush production.

10 Major – Say It Like It Is
With a bone-rattling beat as its foundation, ‘Say It Like It Is’ has a relentless urgency to it as 10 Major melds a myriad of sounds around the strong musical backbone.

Sky Atlas – News Today
A widescreen, lush sound comes from Sky Atlas’ debut offering ‘News Today’, as the band paint of vibrant collage of sound throughout a song that with a wide array of genre flourishes.

Shiv – Over
A palpable depth of field runs right through ‘Over’ as Shiv’s breath-taking vocal takes centre stage in a song that is truly compelling to listen to from start to finish.

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