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Live Review | “a mood-driven journey through highly-stylized dream-pop soundscapes” Chromatics – Vicar Street


Chromatics came to Vicar Street last night as part of their Double Exposure Tour with support from Double Mixte and Desire. The Last Mixed Tape was there to cover the show.

Chromatics took Vicar Street on a mood-driven journey through highly-stylized dream-pop soundscapes populated by mesmeric vocals and entrancing visuals culminating in show that was a true feast for the senses as the group weaved their magic around the Dublin crowd.

Following a pair of scene setting sets from French duo Double Mixte and a tour de force performance from Canadian trio Dersire, Chromatics took to the stage on Tuesday night amid a neon lit hazy atmosphere that would soon engulf the audience as the band played a mixture of tracks from their latest output as well as tracks from Kill For Love, Cherry and some suprise covers.

But mood was the order of the night and Chromatics melded their music into one flowing set that moved from sharp-edged no wave of ‘I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around’ which built and built in flashes of light to a fully realized crescendo, to the driving ethereal synth-pop of ‘Time Runner’ with a cohesiveness that made the set all the more enthralling as the night continued.

Whether it be the fuzzing, doom laden synths of ‘These Streets Will Never Look The Same’, the pops and clicks of ‘Kill For Love’ or s serene cover of the Springsteen classic ‘I’m On Fire’, Ruth Radelet’s softly hypnotic vocal seemed to cut through everything with a subtle power that seemed to reach out into the crowd itself and draw them further and further into the growing intensity of the music that surrounded them.

An audio visual piece that felt like every second of the set was considered and pointed, Chromatics did what they do best last night. Through the use of mood and high stylization, the group’s dream-pop sound was able to create a world in and off itself within the wall of Vicar Street giving those in attendance a transportative experience was compelling from start to finish.

Chromatics latest album ‘Close To Grey‘ is out now. All photos by Stephen White. Click and scroll through the gallery below. 

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