TLMT’s The Week featuring Lilla Vargen, Sinead O’Brien, Sprints, Rachael Lavelle, Kitt Philippa, Dashoda, SIIGHTS, MuRli & Skinner

TLMT adds to its weekly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Lilla Vargen, Sinead O’Brien, Sprints, Rachael Lavelle, Kitt Philippa, Dashoda, SIIGHTS, MuRli & Skinner.

Lilla Vargen – Why Wait
The Mixed-Tape: A dreamlike journey into the powerfully emotive music of Lilla Vargen, ‘Why Wait’ moves and shifts in a great wide-open production that places the intimacy of Vargen’s songwriting and performance in the soundscape that mirrors the pathos of the music itself.”

Sinead O’Brien – A Thing You Call Joy
From its unrelenting rhythm to a turbulent undercurrent of post-punk influenced sounds and a vocal that dominates the foreground and your attention with pin-point delivery, Sinead O’Brien’s ‘A Thing You Call Joy’ is brilliantly singular release that lives in a world of its own creation.

Sprints – The Cheek
A bone-rattling garage-pop gem, ‘The Cheek’ finds Sprints delivering a short sharp shock of track filled with intensity and ragged glory.

Rachael Lavelle – Perpetual Party
A deep, dark dive into an abstract and haunting new offering from Rachael Lavelle, ‘Perpetual Party’ is drenched in obscured sounds, minimalist beats and foreboding vocals that sore above a texturally dense landscape.

Kitt Philippa – Fahrenheit
Kitt Philippa returns with the reverb and atmosphere soaked ‘Fahrenheit’, a song populated by subtle, sparse sounds that intertwining and undulate beneath Philippa’s powerfully emotive vocal.

Dashoda – 38 Long
A vivid synth-pop inflected track, Dashoda’s ’38 Long’ swaps jangled guitar rhythms for lush electro sounds intermittently as the music moves to an infectious pulse.

Siights – Shoulda Been
A hook rich offering from Siights, ‘Shoulda Been’ is a vividly set track that finds the duo creating a sound that moves from R&B to pop in a blink of an eye with vocals that weave from one to the other with ease and a production that matches the ambition.

MuRli – Illegible
A sonically heavy beat lies behind MuRli’s solo offering ‘Illegible’ as the music portrays an urgency that feels frantic and vital to listen to as he delivers quick-snap verses around the jolting guitars and deep bass.

Skinner – Slouch
Set to an unrelenting alt-rock beat, angular guitars and a vocal that changes from nihilistic to manic with a twist, Skinner’s ‘Slouch’ is a dynamically shuddering offering that’s compelling to listen to.

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