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Q&A | “We are sharing more of ourselves this time around” – Cry Monster Cry talk to TLMT

Cry Monster Cry will celebrate the release of their sophomore album Tides with a show in Whelan’s on October 17th. The band recently took the time to the Last Mixed Tape about their forthcoming L.P, what they’re listening to and future plans.

What’s the last record you bought?

‘You Were the Place’ by Christof van der Ven

What’s the last song you played on Spotify?

‘Outnumbered’ by Dermot Kennedy

What inspired your latest single ‘High’?

High is about becoming completely transfixed with another person to the point that you feel that you are losing a little bit of yourself. The feeling of needing someone in your life.

Your sophomore album ‘Tides’ comes out later this year. What has changed for the band and you as a writers this time around?

A lot has changed. We both went off to live full, busy and at times frantic lives after our debut was met with such positivity. We have matured and brought the writing process back to a more honest place. We are sharing more of ourselves this time around, our hopes and fears, joys and sorrows. The band has been very busy with sold out shows across Europe, so we are more accustomed to crafting a set for a live audience also.

What are your thoughts on the current output from the Irish music scene?

It’s great. Ireland is a diverse place full of talented people. We have every genre under the sun here and can stand up to any country in the world when it comes to passion and creativity.

What are your plans for 2019?

We will have the second album Tides out on 11 October and will be backing it up with dates in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and further afield. We also have select dates with Mary Black. We’ll be busy with singles, videos and touring.

Tickets to see Cry Monster Cry live in Whelan’s on October 17th are priced at €17.50 and are available via


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