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TLMT’s The Week featuring new music by Bantum, Loah, Milk, Elaine Mai, Sara Ryan & Luunah

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TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Bantum, Loah, Milk, Elaine Mai, Sara Ryan & Luunah.

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Bantum & Loah – Summer Of Love
The Mixed-Tape
“The latest in a series of collaborations between Bantum and Loah, ‘Summer of Love’ is brimming to the top with suitably sun-drenched sound pulled forward by hazy synth lines, a pulsing beat and a beguiling vocal performance.”

Milk – Temperature
A moving collage of electro-pop and slight flourishes of indie, Milk’s sound takes shape with the serene-pop beat, persistent guitar and hook-filled choruses of ‘Temperature’, an ambitious new track from the band.

Elaine Mai - Photography by Ruth Medjber // Make up by Lorcan Devaney @lorcansface // Photo Assistant - Colin Judge

Elaine Mai – Gay Girls (Remix)
Elaine Mai re-imagines Pillow Queens stand-out single ‘Gay Girls’ into an expansive electronic soundscape, contorting the immediate indie-pop sound of the original and adding a sense of space and time to the mix.

Sara Ryan – Bright Blue Screens
A texturally deep slice of barque-pop, Sara Ryan’s ‘Bright Blue Screens’ has a noir edge to it that creates tension within the atmospheric production.

Luunah – Heart on the Left
A vivid take on pop music, Luunah delivers a big ambitious sound with her new single ‘Heart On The Left’, a song that swings for the fences with a vibrant beat, statement-making synth lines and infectious hook-filled songwriting.

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