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TLMT’s The Week featuring Gemma Dunleavy, Girl Band, Elkin, Pursued By Dogs & Runabay

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TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Gemma Dunleavy, Girl Band, Elkin, Pursued By Dogs & Runabay.

gemma dunleavy

Gemma Dunleavy – Better 4 U
The Mixed-Tape
Cast across a sonically rich canvas, the sound of Gemma Dunleavy’s latest offering ‘Better 4 U’ is an intricate tapestry of vivid beats that set the perfect backdrop for Dunleavy’s vocal weaving as it layers and intwines with the music.

Girl Band – Shoulderblades
Taken from Girl Band’s forthcoming sophomore studio album The Talkies (due out via Rough Trade on September 27th), ‘Shoulderblades’ finds the group doing what they do best, contorting and twisting noise into a glorious cacophony of tense guitars, imposing drum beats and raw unstrained vocals.

cut my tongue cover

Elkin – Cut My Tongue
A highly-stylized slice of alt-pop, Elkin’s ‘Cut My Tongue’ adds flourishes of slick neo-soul to the duo’s music with the lush production adding a beat that makes the sound all the more vivid.

Pursued By Dogs – Your Bones
Pursued By Dogs return with the spacious, icy atmosphere of ‘Your Bones’, a brooding track that builds upon a weighty electronic backdrop and opens up into large jumps of dynamism, giving the song a strong textural ebb and flow.

Runabay – Dig featuring Stephen James Smith
Runabay releases their debut album Between The Lines today which features the captivating ‘Dig’ a song that creates a strong sense of place and time with a music that weaves and bustles beneath introspective spoken word and serene vocals.

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