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TLMT’s The Week Featuring Sive, Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail, Strawman & the Jackdaws, Gypsies On The Autobahn, Kobina & JyellowL


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Sive, Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail, Strawman & the Jackdaws, Gypsies On The Autobahn, Kobina & JyellowL.

Sive – Yuki Onna
The Mixed-Tape‘Yuki Onna’ is an enchanting track and one that could very well be considered Sive’s best work to date due to its use of strong abstract songwriting, beguiling vocals and cinematic production.

Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail – Arrival
Taken from Elma Orkestra & Ryan Vail’s forthcoming album Borders (due out on June 14th via Quiet Arch), ‘Arrival’ is a vast sounding piece that captures an array of rising beats, washing background textures and cinematic string sections whilst ebbing and flowing with moments of movement and rest.

Strawman & the Jackdaws – Precious Star
Bursting out of the speakers with a vibrant musicality, ‘Precious Star’ marks the debut of Strawman & the Jackdaws as a band whose sound is a vivid melding of genres, covering the full spectrum the track flourishes from start to finish with blending vocal harmonies, pulsing drum beats and weaving melodies on guitar and brass.

Gypsies On The Autobahn – Make You Mine
Gypsies On The Autobahn return with the texturally heavy ballad, ‘Make You Mine’. Taken from their upcoming sophomore release, the track shows a gentler more atmospheric side the group.

Kobina featuring Obskur Mond – Shogani
A vivid current of chiming rhythms, washing synth atmospherics and a weaving vocal ebb and flow within Kobina’s latest offering, ‘Shogani’ featuring Obskur Mond.

JyellowL – Ozone
There’s an instantly infectious feel to JyellowL’s new single ‘Ozone’. Effortlessly moving from quick-snap raps to scatter-shot beats to R&B infused choruses, the music of ‘Ozone’ is vibrant in how it melds genres to create its own sound.

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