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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape featuring whenyoung, the Murder Capital, Just Mustard, Thumper, Æ MAK, Le Boom, Fehdah, Loah & more


TLMT looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland, featuring whenyoung, the Murder Capital, Just Mustard, Thumper, Æ MAK, Le Boom, Fehdah, Loah & many more.


Fears – Fabric
Sitting a tense beat, the deeply atmospheric milieu of ‘Fabric’ is a delicately held new track from Fears that creates mood through minimalism and space.

Le Boom – Just Want To
Pops and clicks within a vivid tapestry of electro-pop production, Le Boom keep the bangers coming with their latest offering, the pulsing ‘Just Want To’.

All Tvvins featuring Sorcha Richardson – No One Is Any Fun
All Tvvins give us another glimpse into Just To Exist with the serene dreamscape-pop sound of ‘No One Any Fun’ featuring firm TLMT fave Sorcha Richardson.

Fat Pablo – Darts
The clashing of monochromatic and psychedelic textures that lay at the heart of ‘Darts’ work to convey Fat Pablo as a band willing to play with the boundaries of their own music whilst not being afraid to expand and explore sonically.

whenyoung – Future
Taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album Reasons To Dream (due out on May 24th), whenyoung set their sublime indie-pop vibrancy to stun with the instant gem that is ‘Future’.


Otherkin – All That Remains Won’t Be The Same
Highly stylised ‘All That Remains Won’t Be The Same’ adds a widescreen, almost cinematic layer to Otherkin’s close-quarters indie-rock core that instantly separates the group from the pack. Impactful.

Meghan Murray – Broken Ladders
A gently set alt-pop track, ‘Broken Ladders’ highlights Meghan Murray as an artist with highly stylised sound and the voice to carry it.

Nerves – Slow Dive
‘Slow Dive’, the sophomore single from Dublin band Nerves packs a little more bite as the band add to their music with a heavy layer of fuzz and snarling beat.

lullahush – If Spring Had A Spare Room I’d Rent It With You
The first single proper from lullahush, ‘If Spring Had A Spare Room I’d Rent It With You’ is art-pop at its most focused with the popping and clicking electronic backdrop and soft-spoken vocal serving the overall lush milieu of the song.

Reevah – 26.
One that almost went beneath TLMT’s radar. ’26’ introduces the textural indie-folk songwriting of Derry artist Reevah with a captivating depth of field, enchanting voal and subtle production.


Susie Blue – She Is
Susie Blue returns with the jangling pop of ‘She Is’, sounding like when everything clicks into place this Blue’s best work to date, delivering an emotiviely driven song that weaves dynamically and sonically.

Wastefellow – Fizzy Lifting Drinks
The Mixed-TapeAugmenting, contorting and weaving sonically, the infectious central feel of ‘Fizzy Lifting Drinks’ conveys the characteristically singular slant Wastefellow has on the electronic genre as each carefully placed hook is bend out of shape and reassembled without the track missing a beat.

Just Mustard – Frank
The return of Just Mustard in the shape of new single ‘Frank’ is an impactful one which finds the five-piece honing their tense, noise engulfed music with a clarity that makes their sound all the more hypnotic.

Kobina feat. the Sei – Does It
Awash with an aura of spacious electronic soundscapes, Kobina’s collaboration with the Sei on ‘Does It’ is a treasure trove of patient hooks, lush beats and wide open sounds.

Beauty Sleep – Nature Will Eat Me
Big ambitious dreamy-dream pop from Beauty Sleep, ‘Nature Will Eat Me’ is a song that revels in the best aspects of synth-pop with pure vibrant joy from start to finish. Refreshing stuff.


Sprints – Pathetic
An intricate riff-led garage-rock debut from Sprints, ‘Pathetic’ doesn’t hold back as the band create a hard-hitting sound that rattles the foundations.

Junior Brother – Full Of Wine
Taken from Junior Brother’s upcoming debut album Pull The Right Rope, ‘Full Of Wine’ bares all as Junior Brother’s singular take on trad inflected songwriting is brought to life by a vocal performance brimming to the top with unbridled emotion.

Dowry – Ophelia (live at Other Voices)
Recorded live at Other Voices Electric Picnic stage last summer, and part of a new three-song live E.P, Dowry weaves her magic with the enchanting ‘Ophelia’, a song that weaves an abstract story around the listener.

Lyra – Never Let Go
Multi-layered alt-pop, ‘Never Let Go’ showcases Lyra’s widescreen music in a way that swings for the fences. Dramatic, captivating and engrossing, Lyra’s latest offering is one that leaves a lasting impression.

Havvk – The Factory
Havvk is certainly one of the most prolific bands on the scene at the moment and as always the group deliver yet another track as vital sounding as it is atmospheric, as the clanging guitars, textural underbelly and powerhouse vocals take centre stage.


Callum Orr – Wedding Song
A heartfelt love song, ‘Wedding Song’ is a gently set return from Callum Orr filled with a tender indie-folk production that builds in waves vivid harmony as the music dances from moments of repose to large swells of powerful vocals, weaving strings and shuffling rhythms.

Le Boom & Æ MAK – Dancing Bug
Le Boom and Æ MAK combine their singular sounds and meld them together with the deeply vivid ‘Dancing Bug’. Filled with syncopated pops and clicks of electro-pop and a central hook, ‘Dancing Bug’ draws you further and further into its sonically enrapturing world.

Fehdah ft. Loah – Buffer Fly
The Mixed-Tape: An abstract collage of hip-hop, R&B and electronic flourishes, the obscured sound of Fehdah’s latest offering ‘Buffer Fly’, featuring Loah, is a mesmerising one brimming to the top with multi-layered vocals that meander and weave above a scattershot afrobeats.

Thumper – In My Room
Thumper return with the bone-rattling ‘In My Room’. The type of track that grabs you by the scruff, the band’s latest offering makes great use of their noise inflected music with a dynamic edge that pushes and pulls throughout.

Elkae – I Feel
Set to a hazy, sun-soaked backdrop the vivid electro-soul sound of ‘I Feel’ makes for a compelling return from Elkae that finds her delving further into the lush pop sounds that shaped her previous offerings.

Loah Bantum horizontal headshot

The Murder Capital – Green & Blue
The Murder Capital’s sophomore outing takes the shape of the instantly hypnotic pensive post-punk of ‘Green & Blue’, a song that patiently builds in tension with driving rhythms, cutting guitars and a brooding vocal.

Tribal Dance – You Can’t Swim
Fueled by a manic air of off-kilter abandon, Tribal Dance’s new single ‘You Can’t Swim’ moves seamlessly through a collage of interlocking beats and sharp guitars.

Loah & Bantum – April Brave
The Mixed-Tape: Set to a serene backdrop, Loah & Bantum’s latest collaboration ‘April Brave’ (the first in a string of upcoming releases from the pair) is a song drenched in a widescreen production that uses space and texture to create a dreamlike take on modern neo-soul with flourishes of alt-pop and synth-wave.

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