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Q&A | “My songs are my diary, my journal, my inner monologue” – Ella Vos talks to TLMT

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Alt-pop artist Ella Vos is coming to Dublin later this month, playing the Academy 2 on May 13th as she tours her new E.P. Watch & Wait. Vos recently spoke to the Last Mixed Tape about what she’s listening to, inspirations and future plans. 

What’s the last record you bought?
Big Thief “Capacity” – I bought it on vinyl at their show in LA 2017. I’m embarrassed that it’s been that long since I’ve physically purchased any music. But it’s an incredible record, one of my favourites.

What’s the last song you played on Spotify?
Billie Eilish “xanny”. It’s all I’ve been singing this week. It’s SO GOOD.

What inspires your music?
Life experiences, mostly! My songs are my diary, my journal, my inner monologue.

Tell us about your new E.P. Watch & Wait, and how it was written/recorded?
Watch & Wait was written and recorded while I was going through cancer treatment for lymphoma this past year. A lot of the lyrics were written while I was receiving IV treatments.

What are your future plans?
I’m really excited to get back into the studio and be able to write and record at full health. Since I started releasing music in 2016 I’ve gone through so many transitions, life and health changes, it’s felt like a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m hoping that this summer I can start to write about those experiences from a big picture perspective.

Tickets to see Ella Vos live at the Academy 2 in Dublin on May 13th are priced at €13.50 via

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