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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape featuring AE Mak, Jackie Beverly, Wastefellow, Le Boom, New Pagans, the Claque & more

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TLMT looks back at the last four weeks to pick out some of the stand-out tracks coming out of Ireland, featuring AE Mak, Jackie Beverly, Wastefellow, Le Boom, New Pagans, the Claque & more.

Æ Mak Press Shot

AE Mak – We Have It Right Here
AE Mak’s sound has grown to such a level that it can be truly called singular. From the interlocking pops and clicks, augment movements and vivid beats of ‘We Have It Right Here’ it’s clear that AE Mak on the cusp of something great.

Super Silly – Hold Your Own
‘Hold Your Own’ packs a punch. The latest single from Super Silly is one of intent, from that hard-hitting vocal, fuzzing backdrop and weighty production the single fills the potential the group has shown from the start.

Participant – Medicine
A tender offering from Participant, ‘Medicine’ continues to sonic sea change see on the previous release ‘Coast’ and expands further in the dark-folk territory with a widescreen sound.

Kyoto Love Hotel – Shapes That Bond You
A sprawling depth of field engulfs the alt-pop leanings of ‘Shapes That Bond You’, resulting in a captivating offering from Kyoto Love Hotel that works distant soundscapes, softly conveyed vocals and shuddering textures into a piece of music that has a deep sense of place.

Soulé – Waterfalls
A highlight from Soulé’s debut E.P. Love Cycle, ‘Waterfalls’ contains an infectiously vivid beat that rests beneath an enchanting vocal that weaves its story around the music with ease.

Talk It Through landscape jackie beverly

Fox Jaw – Madeleine
Fox Jaw return with the characteristically impactful sound of ‘Madeleine’. Built from a brooding bed of sharp-edged guitars, pounding beats and growling vocals the song exudes menace.

Jackie Beverly – Talk It Through
The Mixed-Tape: A full-blown pop gem, Jackie Beverly’s sophomore single ‘Talk It Through’ has everything from the glistening beats to shimmering flourishes of synth, to soulful emotion-driven vocals, all of which blend into the retro 80s sheen of the production.

Wastefellow – On The Dry
A vivid sonic backbone rests within Wastefellow’s latest offering ‘On The Dry’, merging a myriad of electronic flourishes the off-kilter beat of the track makes a thoroughly immersive listen.

1000 Beasts feat. Carrie – Want
Set to a serene bedrock of washing synth textures, the highly-stylised production of 1000 Beasts’ ‘Want’ blends with a catchy pop vocal of Carrie to make for an impactful pop gem.

Strength N.I.A – Margaret
Opening with a clash of beats and organ, the scatter-shot rhythms of Strength N.I.A’s ‘Margaret’ underscores the post-punk edge of the central vocal which dominates the song’s foreground.

new pagans

Zapho – Water Me
Pulsing with fuzzy beats of synth, the all-encompassing feel of ‘Water Me’ from Zapho makes for a vibrant new single that exudes a real creative spark.

Anna Mullarkey – Sometimes
There’s a subtly to the music of ‘Sometimes’. An understated offering from Anna Mullarkey, the track creates an unrelenting and layer building world beneath the brooding vocal that captivates through patience.

New Pagans – Its Darker
The Mixed-TapeNew Pagans are a band who take-no-prisoners, with ‘It’s Darker’ the group continue to produce a sound that is vital to pay attention to, indeed so commanding is their music that I defy anyone not to. Heavy-hitting and uncompromising.

Havvk – If I Don’t Tell You
Sharp-edged, propellant alt-rock from Havvk that highlights a band at the height of their powers to date with each new single upping the scale and sonic pay-off of the last.

The Claque – Hush
Packing a punch, ‘Hush’ serves as an uncompromising debut from three-piece the Claque that scratches, screams and shudders its way out of the speakers.


Royal Yellow – Aruba
A colourful kaleidoscope of pop, hip-hop and electronic flourishes, ‘Aruba’ is a vividly set new single from Royal Yellow with a production every bit as eclectic as the songwriting.

Soak – Déjà Vu
As the release of Grim Town edges ever closer Soak continues to release gem after gem with her latest offering ‘Déjà Vu’, a song that is the surest sign yet of the open sonic canvas and expansive sound we can expect from its parent album.

Conor Walsh – the Lucid
The title-track of Conor Walsh’s posthumous album, ‘The Lucid’ is the type of song that is simply gripping, playing like the score to a movie long-lost to time the music is a masterclass in just how Walsh could manifest great swells of sound from minimalist settings.

Le Boom – Be There For You
Le Boom return electro-stomper ‘Be There For You’. Blending serene vocals, sudden pops and clicks of synth and multi-layered beat the track is the surest sign yet of Le Boom capturing the power of their live shows in the studio. The duo’s upcoming All Of My Highs E.P. will be eagerly awaited.

Krisdeberg – Again
Instilled with an isolating dark-wave backdrop, the post-punk/synth-pop edge of Krisdeberg is ambitious and had to ignore. Big, bold, impactful stuff.

laoise chritian tierney

All Tvvins – Better Than Here
A clear stand out track, ‘Better Than Here’ is a laser-focused new track from All Tvvins with a clarity and vibrancy that’s simply infectious.

Baby Witch – Boat or Bike
Wonderfully off-kilter retro-pop, the music of Baby Witch, and their latest single ‘Boat or Bike’, is a hypnotic mix of psychedelia, baroque-pop and indie. Vivid in every sense of the word.

The Elephant Room – Bad News (For Good People)
Jangled retro alt-rock with shades of Dinosaur Jr., the malaise and nihilism at the core of the Elephant Room’s ‘Bad News (For Good People) is affecting.

Laoise – Mad
Laoise makes her return, stepping into 2019 with her new E.P. Mad. The title track serves as another giant leap as Laoise’s pin-point pop sensibilities are honed into a track brimming to the top with electro-pop hooks, slick beats and production to match the ambition.

Lisa Hannigan & Stargaze – Bookmark (Live)
As dreamy and enchanting as you’d expect. The live collaboration between and Lisa Hannigan and Stargaze is unbound by convention through music that twists, weaves and turns with a turbulent undercurrent of harmonic texture and Hannigan’s inviting vocal.

Grainne Cotter – Shadows
Awash with glistening textural backdrops, ‘Shadows’ finds Grainne Cotter delivering an enigmatic sound that adds a dark undertone to the indie-folk foreground, one that Cotter rests an enthralling vocal upon.


Sive – Do It All The Time
Sive’s recent run output has delivered on all the early promise. With ‘Do It All The Time” her singular voice both musically and lyrically comes to the fore in a track that creates a world in and of itself through building layers.

Tim Chadwick – I Need To Know
Lush pop music is the order of the day with ‘I Need To Know’. A sharply stylish new single from Tim Chadwick, the single is an instant earworm that begs to be played on a loop.

Third Smoke – We Run In Bare Feet
Alt-rock with a widened-scope, Third Smoke’s ‘We Run In Bare Feet’ has a persistent rhythmic pulse to it that drives the crashing sound the strong textural backbone Third Smoke build beneath.

Old Hannah – The Way The Light Falls On The Water
A song of beauty and subtly, Old Hannah’s ‘The Way The Light Falls On The Water’ is simply gorgeous to listen to. From the deep of field, sweetly stacked harmonies and interwoven melodies, there’s an ethereal quality to the music that can’t be denied.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – In My Defence
A song with more than a few twists and turns, Laura Elizabeth Hughes’ ‘In My Defence’ merges folk, pop and indie to make a full-bodied sound that covers the spectrum.

Claire Z – The Getty
Makin an engrossing first impression, ‘the Getty’ is a highly-stylised debut offering from Claire Z that paves the way for a captivating full-length album.

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