TLMT’s The Week featuring New Pagans, Havvk, the Claque, Royal Yellow, Soak & Conor Walsh


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by New Pagans, Havvk, the Claque, Royal Yellow, Soak & Conor Walsh.

new pagans

New Pagans – Its Darker
The Mixed-TapeNew Pagans are a band who take-no-prisoners, with ‘It’s Darker’ the group continue to produce a sound that is vital to pay attention to, indeed so commanding is their music that I defy anyone not to. Heavy-hitting and uncompromising.

Havvk – If I Don’t Tell You
Sharp-edged, propellant alt-rock from Havvk that highlights a band at the height of their powers to date with each new single upping the scale and sonic pay-off of the last.

The Claque – Hush
Packing a punch, ‘Hush’ serves as an uncompromising debut from three-piece the Claque that scratches, screams and shudders its way out of the speakers.

the claque

Royal Yellow – Aruba
A colourful kaleidoscope of pop, hip-hop and electronic flourishes, ‘Aruba’ is a vividly set new single from Royal Yellow with a production every bit as eclectic as the songwriting.

Soak – Déjà Vu
As the release of Grim Town edges ever closer Soak continues to release gem after gem with her latest offering ‘Déjà Vu’, a song that is the surest sign yet of the open sonic canvas and expansive sound we can expect from its parent album.

Conor Walsh – the Lucid
The title-track of Conor Walsh’s posthumous album, ‘The Lucid’ is the type of song that is simply gripping, playing like the score to a movie long-lost to time the music is a masterclass in just how Walsh could manifest great swells of sound from minimalist settings.

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