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TLMT’s The Week featuring Jackie Beverly, Wastefellow, 1000 Beasts, Strength N.I.A, Zapho & Anna Mullarkey


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Jackie Beverly, Wastefellow, 1000 Beasts, Strength N.I.A, Zapho & Anna Mullarkey.

Talk It Through landscape jackie beverly

Jackie Beverly – Talk It Through
The Mixed-Tape: A full-blown pop gem, Jackie Beverly’s sophomore single ‘Talk It Through’ has everything from the glistening beats to shimmering flourishes of synth, to soulful emotion-driven vocals, all of which blend into the retro 80s sheen of the production.

Wastefellow – On The Dry
A vivid sonic backbone rests within Wastefellow’s latest offering ‘On The Dry’, merging a myriad of electronic flourishes the off-kilter beat of the track makes a thoroughly immersive listen.

1000 Beasts feat. Carrie – Want
Set to a serene bedrock of washing synth textures, the highly-stylised production of 1000 Beasts’ ‘Want’ blends with a catchy pop vocal of Carrie to make for an impactful pop gem.

1000 Beasts
Photo by Dara Munnis

Strength N.I.A – Margaret
Opening with a clash of beats and organ, the scatter-shot rhythms of Strength N.I.A’s ‘Margaret’ underscores the post-punk edge of the central vocal which dominates the song’s foreground.

Zapho – Water Me
Pulsing with fuzzy beats of synth, the all-encompassing feel of ‘Water Me’ from Zapho makes for a vibrant new single that exudes a real creative spark.

Anna Mullarkey – Sometimes
There’s a subtly to the music of ‘Sometimes’. An understated offering from Anna Mullarkey, the track creates an unrelenting and layer building world beneath the brooding vocal that captivates through patience.

Follow TLMT’s Monthly Irish Mixed-Tape – here. For more playlists, and mixed-tapes like this one, follow the Last Mixed Tape on Spotify


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