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TLMT’s The Week featuring Soulé, ROE, Inni-K, All Tvvins, Tanjier, Fat Pablo & Sister Ghost


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Soulé, ROE, Inni-K, All Tvvins, Tanjier, Fat Pablo & Sister Ghost.

ROE – Down Days
ROE returns with the gentle alt-pop of ‘Down Days’. A song set against a wide-open, dynamically moving and sonically spacious backdrop, this latest offering from ROE makes an impact with the songwriter’s trademark emotional connection.

All Tvvins – Build A Bridge
A sonically warping new track from All Tvvins, the large-scale, all-in sound of ‘Build A Bridge’ finds the electro-pop duo expanding on their music further with slightly darker tones added to the mix.

Fat Pablo – Shambala
The debut offering from Fat Pablo, ‘Shambala’ is a song soaked in scratching textures, reverb-drenched atmospherics and mood-driven vocals that soar above a moving palette of music.

Sister Ghost – Backwards
Ragged, by-the-throat garage-rock from Sister Ghost. ‘Backwards’ growls, drives and pushes its way from start to finish whilst showcasing the growing sound of Sister Ghost.

Tanjier – Crave
‘Crave’ is a giant leap from Tanjier. A highly-stylised new single from the trio, ‘Crave’ is brimming with life as every instance of the track is filled with electronic hooks, pops and clicks.

Inni-K – Just After
A song with a strong sense of place, Inni-K’s ‘Just After’ is a strikingly raw song written with a deftly portrayed craft that grabs you from the beginning as Inni-K’s expressionistic folk tells its story.

Soulé ft. C Cane – Love Tonight
Soulé hits the mark yet again, with a song that instantly infectious to listen to. Covering a wide spectrum of vivid beats, the track is unashamedly brilliant pop that is pinpoint in how its hooks pull you into its vibrant choruses.

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