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TLMT’s The Week featuring whenyoung, Lydia Ford, Digg Deep & more


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by whenyoung, Lydia Ford, Digg Deep & more.

whenyoung – Never Let Go
The Mixed-Tape: A song that finds the band widening the scope of their music with large-scale choruses, hook-driven guitar passages, and a production to match, ‘Never Let Go’ is yet another clear sign of whenyoung’s momentum bringing them to prominence in 2019.

Digg Deep – Soak It Up
From the interlocking rhythms, augmented interwoven vocal lines (which features Louise MacNamara and Olwyn Mahon) and fuzz-filled synths, ‘Soak It Up’ is a joy to listen to as Digg Deep delve into their own pop influences to produce an instant gem.

Lydia Ford – Same Old Rules
There’s a big unbridled pop sound lying at the heart of Lydia Ford’s new single ‘Same Old Rules’. Set against a far-reaching production that encompasses 80’s style drums, fizzing synths and hook filled vocal passages, the track is Ford’s most accomplished work to date.


Crome Yellow – Wash Basket Earpiece
A slice of widescreen indie-pop, Crome Yellow create a melting pot of sound with their infectious new single ‘Wash Basket Earpiece’ that draws from the band’s influences whilst also delivering a sound that is entirely their own.

Somebody’s Child – Toes
‘Toes’ is ambitious, big-scale pop from Somebody’s Child. However, the core of the track lies in the emotive vocal performance that pushes and pulls at the music around it.

Gareth Quinn Redmond – Séimh
‘Séimh’ is an atmospheric instrumental piece from Gareth Quinn Redmond’s new E.P. Céimm eanna, reverberating with ambient piano the song is awash with texture and building harmonic backdrops.

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