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TLMT’s The Week featuring Chanele McGuinness, Loah, Junior Brother, Happyalone, & JyellowL.


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Chanele McGuinness, Loah, Junior Brother, Happyalone, & JyellowL.

Chanele McGuinness – Where Does He Go?
The Mixed-Tape:
Taking a giant leap in sound and scope, Chanele McGuinness’ ‘Where Does He Go?’ is a statement of intent from the songwriter, as she delivers an atmosphere drenched track that juxtaposes a gritty slow beat with a soft-spoken yet ominous vocal.

Loah, God Knows, Ben Bix, Dunny & Bantum – Keep Your Heart
A moving melting pot of sounds, the genre merging music of ‘Keep Your Heart’ makes for an immersive listen that keeps adding new layers.

Junior Brother – The Back of Her
Bared-boned communicative songwriting from Junior Brother, ‘The Back of Her’ has a carries totally natural and heartfelt performance at its core.

Happyalone – Go Slow.
Awash with texture, Happyalone’s ‘Go Slow.’ is deep sounding electro-pop that evolves and twists with from start to finish.

JyellowL – True Colors
The smooth beats that move behind JyellowL’s fast-paced delivery on ‘True Colors’ make for a powerful juxtaposition in a song filled with infectious hooks.

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