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TLMT’s The Week featuring Squarehead, HAVVK, Dreaming of Jupiter, Mimi Lane & Delush

mimi lane

TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Monthly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music by Squarehead, HAVVK, Dreaming of Jupiter, Mimi Lane & Delush. 

Mimi Lane – I’m So Scared
“Big on ambition and sound, the full-tilt pop production of ‘I’m So Scared’ makes an instantly attention-grabbing introduction from Mimi Lane, as the song moves from gentle reserved verses to large-scale choruses that swing for the fences, and finally to a powerful crescendo brought to life by Lane’s magnetic vocal performance.”

Delush – Don’t Let Me Win
Moving at a slow-burn, the gentle atmosphere building of ‘Don’t Let Me Win’ finds Delush delivering an instantly captivating sound with subtlety.

HAVVK – Always The Same
The Mixed-Tape: “The bone-rattling drum beat, unrelenting guitar lines and upfront vocals of ‘Always the Same’ convey the frustration and the fury behind Havvk’s latest single. Aimed at exposing female objectification and flipping it on its head, the band deliver a pulsating alt-rock that needs to be heard.”

Photo by Loreana Rushe

Dreaming of Jupiter – Fading
Taken from the group’s latest E.P. of the same name, ‘Fading’ is a melting pot of sonic textures that pops and clicks with flourishes of abstract sound before moving into far-reaching R&B.

Squarehead – Always On
Sitting on a bedrock of jangling guitars, deep harmonic backdrops and a pounding beat, Squarehead’s comeback single ‘Always On’ has a wide-open sound that covers the spectrum.

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