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TLMT’s Monthly Mixed-Tape | November 2018 featuring Maria Kelly, Talos, Kitt Philippa, Molly Sterling, Nnic, Sleep Thieves, BARQ & more


A new feature to TLMT the Monthly Mixed-Tape is a playlist filled with the best in new Irish music over the past four weeks and updated each month. The November 2018 edition features Maria Kelly, Talos, Kitt Philippa, Molly Sterling, Nnic, Sleep Thieves & more.

Maria Kelly – july
The second single to be taken from Maria Kelly’s upcoming Notes To Self E.P, the delicate yet tense atmosphere of ‘july’ weaves a spellbinding soundscape behind Kelly’s subtle but deeply engrossing vocal.

Kitt Philippa – Grace
Following a powerful set at HWCH 2018 earlier this year, Kitt Philippa delivers the emotionally impactful and sonically depthful ‘Grace’.

Orchid Collective – Forces
The evolution of Orchid Collective continues with the expansive, icy sound of ‘Forces’. Incorporating glistening synth textures into the group’s widescreen sound, the single marks a point of further growth from the band.

October Fires – Screaming Red
Weaving large-scale indie-folk, bold harmonic flourishes and an icy backdrop, October Fires’ individualistic sound comes to the fore on ‘Screaming Red’.

All Tvvins – Infinite Swim
The multi-layered electro-pop production of ‘Infinite Swim’ finds All Tvvins adding new colours to the duo’s intricate electronic music, resulting in a song packed with infectious hooks.

Katie Kim + Crash Ensemble – Ghosts (live)
Kate Kim’s collaboration with the Crash Ensemble has yielded the captivating Salt Interventions, a live re-imagining of her acclaimed album Salt which delivers a simply stunning version of ‘Ghosts’ that will hold you in its grasp from beginning to end.

Sleep Thieves – Sea of Shadows
The Mixed-Tape
The deep dark atmospherics of ‘Sea Of Shadows’ play like to the score to a long forgotten movie playing in an abandoned cinema. Sleep Thieves evocative music pushes forward with an unrelenting synth line that cuts right through the trio soundscape crafting sound.”

Classic Yellow – Monday’s Don’t Mean Anything
Multi-textural indie-pop with hints of retro psych-pop, Classic Yellow’s kaleidoscopic sound comes into sharp focus with their latest offering ‘Monday’s Don’t Mean Anything’.

Vokxen – Crystal Eyes
Tense electronic music underlines Vokxen’s ‘Crystal Eyes’, a song that rest of a knife edge and moves from stark held back verses to full-on large-scale verses.

DJ Nervous X Post Punk Podge – Never Coming Home
Intense, hard-hitting and raw, Post Punk Podge and DJ Nervous collaborate on ‘Never Coming Home’ is a track that never relents from beginning to end.

Molly Sterling – Stripped Down (live)
A live recording of Molly Sterling’s most recent single ‘Stripped Down’ finds the song losing none of it’s sonic emotional or sonic impact in translation.

BARQ – I’m Blaming You
The Mixed-Tape“This collision of BARQ’s individualistic sound and the fuzzier hook based feel of ‘I’m Blaming You’ not only identifies a break into new territory for the band but their most focused work to date.”

Nnic – 8th Wonder
The follow-up to ‘Pillars’, ‘8th Wonder’ is a song built upon an ambitious production, far-reaching synth lines and a lead vocal from Nnic that melds, weaves and twists itself around the powerful pop music in a way that feels instantly captivating.

Sleep Thieves – Fortress
Taken from Sleep Thieves new E.P of the same name, ‘Fortress’ is a foreboding dark-wave soundscape that slow-burns to a powerful ending.

Zaska – Cannot Will Not
A sun-soaked slice of neo-soul delights, Zaska’s ‘Cannot Will Not’ slides along with funk, R&B, and soul in equal measure.

Proper Micro NV – Eyes
‘Eyes’ is a centre-piece track taken from Proper Micro NV’s Dormant Boy album. An obscured electronic backdrop filled with pops and clicks melds into a vocal that searches and reaches beyond.

Delorentos – Be Here Christmas Time
With its wintery feel, Delorentos deliver a welcoming Christmas single that weaves a spell. Taken from the band’s latest E.P. of the same name, all proceeds from the sale of the EP will be donated to Focus Ireland this Christmas.

Variant Sea – Selene
A track bathed in light and dark, shimmering soundscapes and glistening piano, ‘Selene’ finds instrumental duo Variant Sea delivering a widescreen cinematic sound.

Cry Monster Cry – Citadel
A gentle repose runs right through Cry Monster Cry’s ‘Citadel’, slowly building to a texturally weighty crescendo, ‘Citadel’ is a patient song.

Silverbacks – Just In The Band
An unrelenting rhythm and sharp-edged post-punk sound underscore ‘Just In The Band’, the latest single from Silverbacks. Filled with manically weaving guitars, pulsing bass and pointed vocals characterise the track as a must listen.

Talos – See Me
The Mixed-Tape: 
A beautifully set widescreen soundscape with an awe-inspiring depth of field, the music of ‘See Me’ is a captivating return from Talos that adds new layers and textures to his sound.”

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