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The Mixed-Tape | BARQ – I’m Blaming You


In this edition of The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape, we turn our attention to ‘I’m Blaming You’ by BARQ.

A notable sea-change in sound marks the return of BARQ. The group’s latest offering ‘I’m Blaming You’ finds the four-piece producing a sleeker funk based foundation for their agro-soul music to sit upon.

This collision of BARQ’s individualistic sound and the fuzzier hook based feel of ‘I’m Blaming You’ not only identifies a break into new territory for the band but their most focused work to date.

BARQ will celebrate the release of ‘I’m Blaming You’ with a show at the Button Factory on November 21st.

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Click below to listen to The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week ‘I’m Blaming You’ by BARQ. The single itself is out now via Spotify. Photo credit: Dara Munnis. 

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