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TLMT’s The Week | Featuring Sleep Thieves, Classic Yellow, Vokxen, Molly Sterling, & DJ Nervous X Post Punk Podge


TLMT counts down the latest additions to its Monthly Irish Mixed-Tape on Spotify with new music from Sleep Thieves, Classic Yellow, Vokxen, 

Sleep Thieves – Sea of Shadows
The Mixed-Tape:
The deep dark atmospherics of ‘Sea Of Shadows’ play like to the score to a long forgotten movie playing in an abandoned cinema. Sleep Thieves evocative music pushes forward with an unrelenting synth line that cuts right through the trio soundscape crafting sound.”

Classic Yellow – Monday’s Don’t Mean Anything
Multi-textural indie-pop with hints of retro psych-pop, Classic Yellow’s kaleidoscopic sound comes into sharp focus with their latest offering ‘Monday’s Don’t Mean Anything’.

Vokxen – Crystal Eyes
Tense electronic music underlines Vokxen’s ‘Crystal Eyes’, a song that rest of a knife edge and moves from stark held back verses to full-on large-scale verses.


DJ Nervous X Post Punk Podge – Never Coming Home
Intense, hard-hitting and raw, Post Punk Podge and DJ Nervous collaborate on ‘Never Coming Home’ is a track that never relents from beginning to end.

Molly Sterling – Stripped Down (live)
A live recording of Molly Sterling’s most recent single ‘Stripped Down’ finds the song losing none of its sonic emotional or sonic impact in translation.

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