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TLMT’s The Week #09 featuring Laoise, AE Mak, XO MO, Rews & Hiva Oa

laoise photo by lucy foster

The Last Mixed Tape’s Spotify playlist The Week #09 features new music from the likes of Laoise, AE Mak, XO MO, Rews & Hiva Oa. 

Laoise – Again
The Mixed-Tape
“‘Again’ is the track Laoise has been on the cusp of releasing since she first burst onto the scene. A full-blown electro-pop banger, Laoise’s latest offering is her most accomplished to date with a production that sizzles, hooks that pull you in and choruses that swing for the fences.”

AE Mak – Too Sad To Sing
AE Mak stands alone in terms of genre-melding music. The latest offering ‘Too Sad To Sing’ is a breath-taking journey into a world of rhythm, synth pops and clicks, and enchanting vocal lines.

xo mo

Ox Mo – May
A multi-layered electronic-pop sound emanates from Xo Mo’s ‘May’. A song brimming with life the music wraps and tangles around stacked sounds.

Hiva Oa – Souvenir
‘Souvenir’ is a slow-burning track that finds Belfast’s Hiva Oa using space and atmosphere to create a soundscape that draws you further and further into its world.

REWS – Can You Feel It?
An “everything but the kitchen sink” type track, REWS new single ‘Can You Feel It’ is an ambitious indie-rock banger.

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