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The Week #05 | Featuring Wastefellow, the Late David Turpin, Soulé, Elaine Malone & Shelley Bukspan


The Last Mixed Tape’s Spotify playlist The Week #04 features new music from the likes of Wastefellow, the Late David Turpin, Soulé, Elaine Malone & Shelley Bukspan.

Wastefellow – Philosophy Plastic
Wastefellow returns with another glimpse into his genre-warping electronic sound with the off-kilter brilliance of ‘Philosophy Plastic’.

The Late David Turpin – Lucifer
The gothic soundscapes and enigmatic lyricism of ‘Lucifer’ make for a fitting re-emergence from the Late David Turpin.

Soulé – Don’t Hold Your Breath
The Mixed-Tape – “Soulé’s momentum as an artist building and improving with each release cannot be denied. Through ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’, Soulé adds a deeper level to her music that once again singles her out as a songwriter on the rise.”


Elaine Malone – Vonnegut
A truly engrossing journey of stark dark-folk sounds, washing textures and a central vocal that enraptures the listeners. Elaine Malone’s ‘Vonnegut’ is a must.

Shelley Bukspan – Blues
Dramatic, deep and full scale in its ambition, ‘Blues’ is a showcase for both Shelley Bukspan the vocalist but also the artist.

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