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The Week #04 | Featuring Ailbhe Reddy, Lydia Ford, Vernon Jane, My Tribe Your Tribe & Nnic


The Last Mixed Tape’s The Week #03 features new music from the likes of Ailbhe Reddy, Lydia Ford, Vernon Jane, My Tribe Your Tribe & Nnic.

Ailbhe Reddy – Shame
The Mixed-Tape“From the outset, ‘Shame’ is a far different affair from Ailbhe Reddy’s previous offerings. Delving into more overt synth/alt-pop territory than Reddy has done before, the sound of ‘Shame’ creates a fully-realised backdrop of lushly produced music for the raw lyrical content to meld with. Resulting in a more defined impact.”

Lydia Ford – Bittersweet
A glistening synth-pop sound surrounds the ambitious latest release from Lydia Ford, ‘Bittersweet’, pushed forward by electronic pops and clicks underlined by a serene atmosphere.

lydia ford

Vernon Jane – Paradise
The music of ‘Paradise’ ebbs and flows with great swells of dynamic passages contrasted by tense moments of repose, all of which plays into the multifaceted genre blending sound of Vernon Jane themselves.

My Tribe Your Tribe – Adrenalover
My Tribe Your Tribe return with a more vibrant, fully-realised sound than before. Their latest offering ‘Adrenalover’ is cast against a vivid canvas of interlocking beats, layered textures and gentle vocals.

Nnic – Pillars
Atmos-pop at its finest. ‘Pillars’ is a truly stunning introduction to Nnic, one built upon a music that is as engrossing as it is captivating, staying with the listener long after pressing play.

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