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Watch | Laura Ann Brady returns with the deeply atmospheric ‘Those Stars’


Check out the brand new single and music video from songwriter Laura Ann Brady, ‘Those Stars’.

The music of ‘Those Stars’ is a pensive one. Taken is taken from Brady’s forthcoming album World Beneath the Waves (due out next year) the single is built upon a tense tapestry of organic scratching sounds, the dark indie-folk songwriting of Laura Ann Brady comes to the fore with a track that creates a deeply atmospheric soundscape.

Laura Ann Brady’s take on the indie-folk genre is one wrapped in tonal textures, highlighting an artist willing not only to convey her story lyrically but also interpret the world it inhabits through her own distinct prism.

You can catch Laura Ann Brady live at D Light Studios as part of Culture Night 2018 (September 21st). For more information visit

Click below to watch the new music video foe ‘Those Stars’ by Laura Ann Brady. 

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