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The Week #01 | Featuring Spies, Jack O Rourke, Fears, Jape & Aislinn Logan

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A new playlist feature to the Last Mixed Tape’s The Week #01 features new music from the likes of Spies, Jack O Rourke, Fears, Jape & Aislinn Logan. 

Jack O’Rourke – Myth
The return of barque-pop songwriter Jack O’Rourke, ‘Myth’ is filled the same sense of weight and import that permeates throughout his music through tense verses and bombastic choruses.

Aislinn Logan – Fair Game
‘Fair Game’ is an interesting change in direction from alt-pop artist Aislinn Logan. Featuring a minimalist electro-pop production, spacious textures and introspective lyric content, the song is the sound of Logan coming into her own.


Spies – Ho Chi Minh
A buzzing atmosphere pushes down on the floating sound of Spies latest offering ‘Ho Chi Minh’ resulting in a sonically rich single that pays off on all of its ambition.

Fears – Blood
A song with a brooding sense of otherness to it, ‘Blood’ highlights Fears as an artist whose music exists purposefully outside of the mainstream.

Jape – Yeh
The music of ‘Yeh’ is dominated by rhythm. Beats twists and interlock with one another as Jape’s vocal comes out from the distance, trying to push its way through the sounds that form the song’s backbone.

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