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Listen | Hvmmingbyrd return with the fuller sonic picture of ‘Prisms’


Electro-pop duo Hvmmingbyrd have made their return with the fuller picture sound of ‘Prisms’. 

Inspired by the Belfast trial and described by Hvmmingbyrd as a “love song for the women in our lives who deserve better”, ‘Prisms’ depicts a more layered, deeper side of the pairs music.

Following on from the sonic leap of their previous single ‘Papillon’, ‘Prisms’ plays with distant sounding beats, augmented melodies and an underlined background of electro-pop buzzing that adds a modern-pop edge to the music of Hvmmingbyrd not fully seen before. All which makes ‘Prisms’ yet another promising step from the group.

Click below to listen to ‘Prisms’ by Hvmmingbyrd. The single itself is out now via Spotify

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