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Q&A | Sea Girls talk to TLMT about their new single ‘Too Much Fun’, Florence + the Machine, & more


Sea Girls lead singer Henry Camamile speaks to the Last Mixed Tape ahead of the bands forthcoming show at the Workman’s Club in Dublin this October. 

What’s the last record you bought?

I’ve just got the new Florence and the Machine record which I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth in to. Hunger is awesome, great track. They’re so good at creating massive festival sing a long melodies which is a big inspiration for us! Florence herself is such an icon and puts on such a good show.

What song or artist do you have on repeat the most at the moment?

We’ve been listening to the Marsicans a lot, they’ve got a perfect sound for all the driving we are doing to festivals this summer. . We haven’t crossed paths with them yet but hope it happens soon so we can see them live.

Tell us about how your recent single ‘Too Much Fun’ was written and recorded?

On a sunny day we thought of making a nostalgic summer song with a darker side to it with excess and hedonistic behaviour. We put lots of imagery like glitter on faces and getting naked to be evocative, but its middle 8 points out a lack of judgement. We thought there had to be a twist rather than just a “everything is great” vibe throughout. We’ve just shot a music video which captures this so well which we’ll have out soon!

You come to Dublin this autumn to play the Workman’s Club. What’s your personal favourite track to play live?

We all love playing Adored but my favourite at this moment is Eat Me Whole, it’s just hitting something right in our performance. The lyric and its intensity are just great to play.

What are Sea Girls future plans?

We are currently doing the festival season in the UK and have got Reading and Leeds coming up which will be one of our life goals. Then our first headline tour proper in October which is when we’re coming to Ireland to play for the very first time which will be awesome. Can’t wait to play our music in front of a Dublin crowd. We’ve been writing a lot and playing around with new ideas so will have even more new songs to play live which is really exciting.

Sea Girls play the Workman’s Club in Dublin on Tuesday, October 23rd. Tickets are priced at €12.50 and on sale via

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