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TLMT 8-Track #46 featuring Valley Queen, Boytoy, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Ryvoli & more


Valley Queen, Boytoy, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Grouper and more all feature on this week’s TLMT 8-Track. Check out the full Spotify playlist below.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Breathe In, Breathe Out
Soaked in a hazy dream-pop production, ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ is our first glimpse into Bon Voyage the forthcoming sophomore album from Melody’s Echo Chamber.

Valley Queen – Chasing The Muse
A widescreen indie-rock track, ‘Chasing the Muse’ by Valley Queen is filled with meandering guitar lines, quick stop beats and a captivating lead vocal.

Boytoy – Static Age
Bouncing garage-punk with bite, Boytoy’s laid-back ‘Static Age’ is a song that just grows and grows on you.

Petal – Better Than You
Coming out of Pennsylvania, Petal has a sound that swings from indie, garage and pop in equal measure.

Ryvoli – Sleep Talking
A serene, organic indie-folk track. Ryvoli craft a beautifully vivid sound on their new single ‘Sleep Talking’.

Grouper – Diving
The very definition of atmospheric. ‘Diving’ is bathed in distant reverberations, icy melody and hushed vocals from Grouper.

Exitmusic – Trumpets Fade
Dream-pop duo Exitmusic create a vast and deeply focused soundscape with their far-off new single ‘Trumpets Fade’.

Say Sue Me – Old Town
Sun-soaked indie-pop from Say Sue Me, ‘Old Town’ a brightly set intro to the South Korean band’s new album Where We Were Together which is out on April 14th.

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