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Listen | BARQ bring a double helping of Agro-Soul with ‘Sassy Mouth / Earthquakes’


Irish agro-soul four-piece Barq have returned with their brand new double A-side single ‘Sassy Mouth/Earthquakes’. 

Inspired by the resilience Repeal the Eighth movement, ‘Sassy Mouth’ is a shuddering collage of sounds that pushes and pulls in great jolts of dynamism. Feeling like a cathartic primal scream of frustration, courage and hope.

‘Earthquakes’ switches the mood. Keeping Barq’s unique melting pot of music intact, built from big statement movements of sound, the second half of the group’s double A-side release has a more tender side as it explores the end of relationships and the need to break free and move on.

Click below to listen to ‘Sassy Mouth/Earthquakes’ by Barq. The single itself is out now via Spotify. Photo credit: Dara Munnis. 

BARQ Double Single Launch by BARQ_Music

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