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Watch | The Sunshine Factory unveil their hypnotic new single ‘Cruelest Animal’

sunshine factory

Psych-rock outfit the Sunshine Factory has unveiled their bone shattering new single ‘Cruelest Animal’. 

Coming out of the Cork music scene, the Sunshine Factory delivers a hypnotic, haze-filled sound on ‘Cruelest Animal’. Ebbing and flowing from moments of relative calm to big clashes of guitar and rhythm the track spans across the sonic spectrum as it sways from section to section.

Merging alt. rock, drone and psych music into one working whole, and most importantly one that still maintains a sense of clarity, the Sunshine Factory’s music is a promising one.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Cruelest Animal’ by the Sunshine Factory. The song’s parent E.P. is due out on November 27th. 

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