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Listen | Paddy Hanna returns with the big jangle-pop sound of ‘Mario Lanza’


Acclaimed singer-songwriter Paddy Hanna has just unveiled his brand new single ‘Mario Lanza’.

The follow-up to ‘Bad Boys’, ‘Mario Lanza’ is a wonderfully lush new track that highlights the giant leap in production and songwriting Paddy Hanna has taken since the release of his debut LP Leafy Stiletto.

Filled with sweet weaving strings, interplaying guitar melodies and Hanna’s own crooning vocal stylings, this latest single is an exciting insight into his upcoming sophomore outing due out in 2018 via Strange Brew Records.

Speaking of the lyrical themes found within Hanna explains: “My Father, not too long ago, went through a terrible illness which left him in a coma for two weeks. The emotional strain of this event really beat me down, I repressed it in some ways, particularly in my writing. While struggling to deal with the strain I began listening through some rough demos I had, one of which was a minute-long ditty about Mario Lanza, an American Tenor from the early 20th century. I decided to finish it off and realized very quickly I was channelling my pain through this particular track. Mario Lanza, in essence, became my Dad, and through him I could express all of the emotions I had repressed, which is why the song is tinged with a sorrowful joy.”

Fri 17th Nov – Levi’s, Ballydehob
Sat 18th Nov – Bello Bar, Dublin
Fri 24th Nov – Connolly’s Of Leap
Sat 2nd Dec – Kasbah, Limerick

Click below to listen to ‘Mario Lanza’ by Paddy Hanna. The single itself is out now via Spotify

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