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TLMT’s 8-Track #24 Featuring Beck, Cina Polada, Dog In The Snow, Mogwai & more


Beck, Cina Polada, Dog In The Snow, Mogwai, and more all feature on this week’s 8-Track. Check out the full Spotify playlist below.

Cina Polada – Nowhere
Coming out of Helsinki, Cina Polada’s vivid indie-pop sounds jangles, texturally swells and bounds around from beginning to end.

Beck – Dear Life
‘Dear Life’ marks the return of Beck gives a characteristically off-kilter and vibrant insight into his much-anticipated new album Colors.

The Rhythm Method – Something For The Weekend
A fantastically infectious new single from the Rhythm Method, ‘Something For The Weekend’ is a matter of fact funk track with a little hint of new wave.

MMODE – Waiting In The Desert
Soft-spoken dream-pop, ‘Waiting In The Desert’ from MMODE mixes indie-pop and alt- rock into one saturated sound.

Mogwai – Eternal Panther
Scottish post-rock giants Mogwai latest track ‘Eternal Panther’ is a non-album cut from the group that delivers a blistering side to their sound.

Low Chimes – Sulphur Silk
The distant rhythms and edged Serenity of is a wonderfully summery new single from Low Chimes.

Dog In The Snow – Child
A striking, raw release from Brighton-based artist Dog In The Snow, ‘Child’ is modern protest songwriting at its best.

S. Carey – Brassy Sun
A beautifully set new offering from S. Carey, ‘Brassy Sun’ is patient but persistent in its world building sound.

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