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Dublin Quays Festival 2017 | Daily Stage and line-up Breakdowns

Dublin Quays Festival 2017


The day to day line-up and stage breakdowns for the Dublin Quays Festival 2017 have been announced today. 

Taking place in several venues (The Workman’s Club, the Sound House, the Liquor Rooms, the Grand Social, the Wiley Fox, Sin É and Baggot Hutton), the Dublin City Quays Festival will run from August 17th to 20th and will deliver a plethora of FREE events featuring local acts.

Set to play the Dublin Quays Festival 2017 next week are: Mick Pyro, Fiona Harte, Leila Sub Motion, HymmingbyrdSquarehead, Level Heads, ELLY D, Old Hannah, Cat Dowling, Birds Of OlympusMaria Kelly, Fiction Peaks, Vulpynes, Kelly-Anne ByrneSuper Silly, Death In The SickroomSussex Universities Big BandOrchid Collective, Little One,  Alison Spittlethe Dixieland JazzmenJohn CumminsKicking Bird and lots more. See below for the day to day breakdown of this year’s line-up.

For more information on the Dublin City Quays Festival 2017 visit the events Facebook event page – here.

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