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Watch | Talos releases sprawling video for ‘This Is Us Colliding’


Talos has released the music video for his latest single ‘This Is Us Colliding’ taken from his stunning debut record Wild Alee.

The vastness of Talos music is its most enduring characteristic. Shooting for the epic and going beyond that, ‘This Is Us Colliding’ is as captivating and dramatic as its parent album and works to convey the large-scale production found within the record.

Mirroring the same sprawling sound that emanates throughout ‘This Is Us Colliding’, and indeed Wild Alee itself, the video directed by Brendan Canty takes place across coastal lines and large vistas, giving an added sense of grandeur to the music.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘This Is Us Colliding’. The song’s parent album Wild Alee is out now. 

Video Credits:
Directed by Brendan Canty –
Cinematography by Colm Hogan + Roman Bugovskiy

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