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The Mixed-Tape | Wyvern Lingo – I Love You, Sadie


In this edition of The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape, we turn our attention to the brand new single from Wyvern Lingo, ‘I Love You, Sadie’.

The first glimpse into Wyvern Lingo’s much-anticipated debut album, ‘I Love You, Sadie’ finds the trio make the full transition into R&B with considerable aplomb.

While the music of Wyvern Lingo has undergone a sonic sea change since their early indie-folk roots, the shift in sound has been a natural one. Now more defined, ‘I Love You, Sadie’ is light on its feet songwriting put through a serene alternative-pop/R&B prism that still keeps the groups’ harmony led backbone intact whilst expanding on it with a production to match.

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Click below to listen to TLMT’s song-of-the-week ‘I Love You, Sadie’ by Wyvern Lingo. The single itself is out now via Spotify.

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