Listen | Tara Lee returns with the icy reverb soaked ‘Paradise’

tara lee

Alternative-pop artist Tara Lee has unveiled ‘Paradise’, the title-track from her upcoming E.P.

A song with a strong depth-of-field characterized by reverb-soaked vocals, distant drum beats, and glistening synth lines, ‘Paradise’ is a highly stylized introduction to Tara Lee’s forthcoming E.P. of the same name that captivates from the outset.

‘Paradise’ also works to extend the strong synth flourished alternative-pop sound set in Lee’s previous release ‘If I Burn (You Burn Too)’, and evolve Tara Lee’s music with a production that follows the brooding tone laid down by Lee’s own enthralling vocal performance.

Click below to listen to ‘Paradise’ by Tara Lee. The single itself is out now via Spotify.

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