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The Mixed-Tape | R.S.A.G – Meet You There


In this latest edition of The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to R.S.A.G and his latest single ‘Meet You There’.

‘Meet You There’ is cast onto a larger canvas than R.S.A.G’s previous work. Still embroiled in the rumbling electronic foreground that has made the artist music so distinctive, this latest offering, with its sweeping string interludes, opens the curtains on the music of R.S.A.G.

Perpetually in motion, ‘Meet You There’ follows this rhythmic undercurrent in its production by constantly moving the over-arching sound texturally, brute-force beats one moments soaring melodies the next. In this way, R.S.A.G’s new single is ambitious a record as we’ve seen from him to date.

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Click below to watch the music video for TLMT’s song-of-the-week, ‘Meet You There’ by R.S.A.G.

Video Credits:
Visuals by Paul Mahon a.k.a Geppetto

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