Playlist | TLMT’s March 2017 Mixed-Tape


The Last Mixed Tape looks back on the last four weeks with some of the stand-out tracks from March 2017. 

TLMT has delved deep to deliver a playlist from some of the stand-out tracks reviewed, released and featured on the site this March including: Laoise, Montauk Hotel, Paddy Hanna, Super Silly, Marlene Enright, Sive, Gypsies on the Autobahn, and more. See playlist and track listing below.

Listen to the full playlist at the bottom of the page and see the tracking listing below. For past monthly playlists on TLMT click here or subscribe to TLMT on Spotify.

TLMT’s March Mixed-Tape 2017
1. Paddy Hanna – Bad Boys
2. Montauk Hotel – Dust
3. Laoise – Halfway
4. Super Silly – Not Ready To Leave
5. Marlene Enright – 123
6. Gypsies on the Autobahn – Battle
7. Sive – Swallow Me
8. Columbia Mills – Head Start
9. Elaine Mai – Sheets
10. Cinema – Floating (featuring Chris Leech)
11. Young Earth – Got A Secret
12. Final Boss of My Twenties – Let Go
13. Our Krypton Son – Winter Taunts Spring

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