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The Mixed-Tape | Talos – Odyssey


In this latest edition of The Last Mixed Tape’s song-of-the-week feature The Mixed-Tape we turn our attention to Talos and his latest single ‘Odyssey’.

The sheer panoramic scope of ‘Odyssey’ is ambitious. From the far-reaching pulses that move rhythmically in the background, to the washing harmonics that occupy the middle ground, and finally the softly delivered vocal that dominates the foreground, Talos uses every inch of the sonic spectrum to a captivating degree in his latest single.

As the dynamic edge of the track begins to take over, and the more definite electronic aspects of the production seep in, ‘Odyssey’ changes into something more impactful yet intimate. Resulting in yet another exciting glimpse into Talos’ forthcoming debut album Wild Alee (due for release on April 21st).

Talos – Live dates

April 15 – Connolly’s of Leap
April 21 – Button Factory,Dublin
April 22 – Dolan’s, Limerick
April 27 – Roisin Dubh, Galway
April 28 – Live at St Luke’s, Cork
May 12 – St Patrick’s Gateway, Waterford (w/ Saint Sister)
May 13 – The Set, Kilkenny
May 25 – Voodoo, Belfast
June 22 – Spirit Store, Dundalk

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Click below to listen to TLMT’s song-of-the-week,  ‘Odyssey’ by Talos. The single itself is out now via Spotify. Photo credit: Brendan Canty.

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