Listen | Marlene Enright returns with ‘123’

Picture. John Allen

Cork based singer-songwriter Marlene Enright has returned with her brand new single ‘123’.

A vivid new single with a vibrant production, ‘123’ finds Marlene Enright moving into a sound that feels unqiely her own.

Set to a stomping beat, pulsing keys and big hand claps, Enright’s latest offering is instantly infectious to listen to and establishes a poppier side to the artist as a songwriter. Which is brought to the fore by just how catchy the song is.

Bouncing from playful verses to hooky sing-a-long choruses ‘123’ is Marlene Enright most accomplished work to date and sends the songwriter into new exciting territory.

Click below to listen to ‘123’ by Marlene Enright. The single itself is available now via Spotify.

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